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5″ Latex Balloons – The Decorator’s Choice for Balloon Centerpieces

Use what the Professional Balloon Decorators use!

Wholesale 5 Inch Latex Balloons Balloons and Weights

5″ Latex Balloons are a staple in any professional Balloon Decorator’s Bag. Commonly, Balloon Decorators, or CBA’s as they are called (Certified Balloon Artists), use a wide range of latex balloons to get the jobs done right. These include 9″, 12″ and 36″ latex balloons, but one of the most popular size latex balloons that professional decorators and event planners utilize, are coveted 5″ Latex Balloons. 

5″ Latex Balloons are only fillable with Air, as they do not float if filled with Helium. But don’t worry, you can make amazing arrangements, balloon centerpieces, and accents to balloon columns (vertical columns) with 5″ Latex Balloons.

5″ Latex Balloons are sold in bags of 144 balloons each. Choose from over 60 vibrant colors for all of your needs. Quickly inflate a 5″ latex balloon with a hand pump inflator, or with an electric inflator, like the Conwin Air Pro.

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