The Fastest Helium Balloon Calculator!

Quickly determine how much Helium you need to inflate any latex or foil balloon at your upcoming event, party or celebration! Choose from Latex Balloon or Foil Balloon size, then enter the amount of balloons you intend on inflating, and our handy little calculator will do all the math for you and provide an estimate below on the amount of Helium you will need in cubic feet as well as how many standard 242 cubic foot Helium Tanks you might need to complete all of your balloon decorations.

Great for Balloon Decorators planning a Balloon Installation, Balloon Garland, Balloon Arch or even just clusters of balloons in a bouquet.

Be sure to bookmark this page for fast, easy reference for all of your upcoming balloon decorating needs. 

Helium Balloon Chart - How much helium to fill a balloon - helium balloon calculator