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How to Tie a Helium Balloon

How should I properly tie a Latex Balloon?

Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite ways to tie helium filled latex balloons!

#1 The good ‘ol fashion manual process – while not that fun, it is the cheapest, and takes just about 10-20 seconds per balloon. If you’re a ‘pro’ then under 10 seconds. The challenge when inflating and tying off over 100 balloons, is you get sore fingers. You could always hire some interns to help you out 😉
Helium Balloon Valves - Balloons and Weights

Helium Balloon Valves – Balloons and Weights

#2 The E-Z Safety Seal Valve – this is a one way Helium Plug that fits in the opening of a 9″, 10″, 11″ or 12″ Latex Balloon, and you inflate the balloon with Helium through the valve. The valve automagically seals the Helium up inside, and comes with 5 feet of satin white ribbon attached. No Hand Tying. No Sore Fingers. It’s like the Ferrari of Balloon Inflating, as it gets you a finished perfectly sealed balloon in just about 6 seconds!





E-Z Balloon Tie - Balloons and Weights

E-Z Balloon Tie – Balloons and Weights

#3 The E-Z Balloon Tie – while this bad boy comes with 5 feet of white satin ribbon pre attached as well, it does require just a touch more work. Once you inflate the Latex Balloon with Helium (9″ – 14″ sizes work well), attach the Tie to the end portion of the balloon by inserting it in one of the slots on the Tie, and affix the balloon under the ‘latch’ on the side of the E-Z Balloon Tie. Pull down on the attached ribbon, and voila!




E-Z Balloon Disc - Balloons and Weights

E-Z Balloon Disc – Balloons and Weights

#4 The E-Z Balloon Disc – These are handy and inexpensive, and function to quickly seal off Latex Balloons (we like 9″ – 14″ sizes as well), and have 4 slots to insert the balloon or the ribbon into to finish the job. They do require a touch more work than the Valves or the Ties, but they sure beat hand tying every balloon. You will need to buy Ribbon separately as it does not come included with the E-Z Balloon Disc.




#5 Foil Balloons – all Foil Balloons (18″ size and over) do not require any of the above methods, as they come with a self-sealing valve already inserted. The valve is manufactured directly into the balloon itself, and locks in the Helium as you inflate, similar to #2 above.
So there you have it, our top 5 ways to quickly seal, string, and decorate with Helium Latex Balloons and Helium Foil Balloons. Happy Decorating!
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