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Get FREE Ground Shipping on U.S. orders $99+
(excl. HI/AK/territories)
*Some Conwin Equipment may require additional lead time. Other items ship next day.

Balloon Inflators

Our most popular Electric Balloon Inflators, and why we love them.

Balloon Inflators

We understand that the buying process for Balloon Inflators can be a bit overwhelming if you're new to the Balloon Decorating or Party industry, so we've tried to simplify it for even the newest balloon artist out there below! Here's some of our favorite, top-selling Electric Balloon Inflators and specifically why we and our customers love them. 

Our line of balloon inflators are great for birthday parties, theme parties, special events, grand openings, trade shows, realtors, fast food chains, marketing activities and more.

Electric Air Balloon Inflators:

If you're looking to inflate latex and foil balloons with air to make beautiful Balloon Garlands, Balloon Arches, Balloon Centerpieces, Balloon Art and other fabulous decor, then you might enjoy some of our top-selling Electric Air Balloon Inflators:

Conwin® Air Force 4: 

This powerful, fully portable electric air balloon inflator is a favorite among Balloon Decorators, Event Planners and Retail Party Stores. Why? Because it can easily inflate 4 Latex Balloons to the same size at the same time! Talk about time savings! In one convenient, self-powered unit, you get a powerful air machine that rapidly inflates latex balloons to the size you need every time. This machine comes with a handy foot-pedal to enable you to quickly cycle the machine on and off, ideal for fast balloon decorating in seconds!

A slightly smaller version, is the NEW Conwin® Air Force 2 that features 2 inflation outlets as opposed to four, with the Conwin Air Force 4. Both great units, at an affordable entry price point. 

Conwin® Precision Air V6 Digital Balloon Inflator: 

Looking for the ultimate Electric Air Balloon Inflator loved by the pros? Then look no further than the Conwin Precision Air V6 Digital Balloon Inflator. A total powerhouse of a balloon inflator, this digital sizer with on-board computer rapidly inflates just about any Latex or Foil Balloon with Air to the exact size you program in just seconds. No need for balloon sizers or other measuring tools - just set the dial to the number of seconds to fill the balloon to (it comes complete with a manual that tells you what size requires what time to fill up), and you're done! Also includes a helpful foot pedal to cycle on and off, and triple tap to auto-cycle on/off for those really big balloon decorating jobs. The unit comes complete with a handy carrying case and like all models, is backed by the Conwin Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee for craftsmanship. This is a top model used by both amateur and professional balloon decorators and artists to create stunning balloon decor, garlands, arches, columns, and other arrangements on the go. 

Conwin® Duplicator 2 Balloon Inflator

Looking to inflate Latex and Foil Balloons with Air, Helium or Nitrogen? Then look no further than the Conwin Duplicator 2 Balloon Inflator. While this unit does not include a built-in air compressor (you can easily purchase one at any hardware store), you can simply hook it up to an air compressor to then be able to fill balloons with Air. Want to fill up your balloons with Helium? Then simply attach the unit to any Helium Tank and voila, you're in business. How about Nitrogen? Works the same way. The beauty of the Conwin Duplicator 2 Balloon Inflator is that it is versatile - works on Helium, Air or Nitrogen. It's portable and easy to use. And, it's a digital sizing machine so you can set the computer to inflate your balloons to whatever size you require for the job. While this balloon does not inflate 2 balloons at the same time to the exact same time (that would be something the Air Force 2, 4 or V6 does above), it does have one side that features a dedicated Foil Balloon inflation outlet and the other side just for Latex Balloons. This is an important feature as each side is specifically designed for those particular balloon types, to ensure they won't pop the balloons during inflation. We love the Conwin Duplicator 2 Balloon Inflator for a variety of reasons, and most importantly, the mid tier price point which doesn't break the bank. 

Conwin® Dual Split Second Sizer Balloon Inflator:

So you want your cake, and want to eat it too? Don't worry, the smart folks at Conwin's factory have dreamed up the perfect balloon decorating solution that comes with all of the bells and whistles for ya! The Conwin Dual Split Second Sizer Balloon Inflator features a built-in digital balloon sizing machine, multiple dedicated Latex and Foil Balloon inflation outlets, and hook-up spots for any Helium or Nitrogen Tank and an Air Compressor (sold separately). This machine can do it all - Balloon Decorations, Garlands, Arches, Columns, Bouquets, Balloon Art, Murals, you name it - it can handle it. Great for professional balloon decor, as well as high volume Retail Stores and Chains - the Conwin Dual Split Second Sizer is the ultimate in professional, top quality balloon inflation and design. 

Conwin® Cube Inflator:

The NEW Conwin Cube Balloon Inflator Automatically inflates two balloons to the same size at the tap of the foot pedal. Great for arches, columns and other classic balloon decor. The digital control panel allows you to easily set and adjust the inflation cycle by tenths of a second to accurately size balloons. Great for use with Helium, Nitrogen, Air Compressor (not included – required to inflate balloons with Air). We like both the portability and functionality of the Conwin Cube Inflator. If the Conwin Dual Split Second Sizer is slightly out of your budget, then the Cube Inflator is a great second match for a top tier balloon inflating machine, with a few fewer bells and whistles, while still able to handle any balloon decorating job you through at it. 

If you would like any other product recommendations, we suggest you send us an email or give us a call, and a Balloon Expert will get back to you with our ideas to fit your needs.

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