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Conwin Economy Inflator | Inflates Latex & Foil Balloons with Helium

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Conwin Economy Inflator is the ideal choice for every size balloon inflating job. This affordable Helium Balloon Inflator securely attaches to every size Helium Cylinder for a perfect fit (no tools required). Tank is not included. 


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Conwin Economy Inflator

Fast & Effective for quickly inflating Helium Balloons!

Conwin Helium Balloon Inflator is the ideal choice for every size balloon inflating job. The Conwin Economy Inflator securely attaches to every size Helium Cylinder for a perfect fit.

Works great to Inflate Latex Balloons & Foils with Helium!

This reliable Conwin Helium Balloon Inflator works perfectly with Big Barrel E-Z Safety Seal Valves(a huge time saver to inflate 9″ – 12″ latex balloons without any hand-tying as 4-ft of satin ribbon is attached)

Manually Inflates Latex Balloons
Place the balloon over the latex outlet and tilt forward until balloon has reached desired size. Use Conwin’s Balloon Tying Discs to quickly and easily tie and attach ribbon.

Manually Inflates Foil Balloons
Place the neck of the foil onto the Flex-Tilt Valve Outlet and tilt forward to begin inflating. For best results, inflate foil balloons as slowly as possible and remove the balloon from the outlet while there are still wrinkles along the seam line.

The Conwin Economy Inflator Includes:
– 1 Balloon Outlet (Flex-Tilt Valve Model)
– 1 Pressure Gauge (models available with or without gauge)

Product Features:

Balloon Outlet
Allows user to to inflate foils and latex balloons.

Pressure Gauge
Measures how much helium is in the cylinder and enables user to calculate the number of balloons that can be inflated.

Hand-Tight Connection
Attaches to the cylinder without the use of a wrench.

Flo-Loc® Safety Shut-off
This Conwin exclusive safety feature automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of helium to a safe level.

For Use With: Helium, Nitrogen

• Manually inflates all sizes of latex and foil balloons

Recommended For:
• Beginners, Rentals

Recommended Balloons and Sizes:
– Non-Round Latex: 260s, 321s, 350s, 360s, 646s, 660s, GEO Blossoms ®, Geo Donuts ®, Hearts, Bubbles ®, Qualatex Deco Bubbles ®
– Round Latex: 5″, 9″, 11″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 3ft, 6″ & 12″ LINK-O-LOONS ®
– All Size Foils & Valved Latex Balloons


Conwin Helium Inflators are the most reliable inflation equipment available. This Helium Balloon Inflator fits all size Helium tanks, is easy to attach by hand, and fits most size Latex and Foil Mylar balloons.
Lifetime Warranty covers workmanship and manufacturer defects of this Conwin Inflator.
Conwin Lifetime Warranty |

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


Gauge Option



2 reviews for Conwin Economy Inflator | Inflates Latex & Foil Balloons with Helium

  1. Paul A.

    Super affordable little unit. I got the one with the gauge on it and it helps me know when to get more helium so I don’t run short for my party shop. Can’t beat the price on here either.

  2. Shareen M.

    Inflator attached easily to our rental Helium tank. We got the one without the gauge as it was cheaper, but actually that was a mistake because I don’t know how much is left until I actually run out! So just got the one with the Gauge as BackUp!

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