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Square Silver Foil Balloons + Square Metallic Balloon Weight Kit

$439.95 $399.95

It's your lucky day! You Save: $40.00 (9.09%)

This combo Square Silver Foil Balloon Kit includes:

200 pcs of 22″ Square Silver Foil Mylar Balloons

200 pcs of 65-gram Metallic Silver Cube Weights (Balloon Weights)

Great for Special Events, Corporate Parties, Grand Openings, and Promotions.

This item is sold as a Special Kit to save you money!

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Looking for Square Silver Foil Balloons and Square Metallic Balloon Weights? Then look no further with this great savings package! Save money on silver balloons!

Includes 200 pcs of each: 22″ Square Metallic Foil Silver Balloons & Metallic Balloon Weights with this great package!

This combo Mix N’Match savings bundle includes:

200 pcs of 22″ Silver Metallic Square Foil Balloons

200 pcs of 65-gram Cube Weights (Square Cube Metallic Silver Balloon Weights)

Additional Product Details: 


Foil Balloon Size: 22″

Balloon Style: Square Foil Balloon

Balloon Color: Silver

Description: High Quality, Helium-Grade Foil Mylar Balloons. Ideal for Balloon Decorators, Event Planners, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Retail Distribution, Restaurants, Store Openings and more.

Square Silver Foil Balloons are the perfect choice for Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Parties, Special Occasions, and New Year’s Celebrations.


Color: Metallic Silver

1-Shape: Square Balloon Weight

65-gram Cube Balloon Weights are the ideal balloon weights for nice events, corporate parties, balloon decorating, weddings and anniversaries! Simply attach balloon ribbon to a helium filled latex balloon or foil balloon and attach the other end to the balloon weights and you’re done! These balloon weights are also great for decorating Special Events, Quinceañeras, Graduations, Parties, and more.


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