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Conwin 60 40 Inflator | Balloons And Weights

Conwin 60/40 Helium / Air Balloon Inflator

Cut Helium Costs by 40% with: 60/40 Helium/Air Balloon Inflator

We offer the best quality Conwin Balloon Inflators for quickly inflating Foil Balloons and Latex Balloons with Air, as well as inflating Foil Balloons and Latex Balloons with Helium. We even offer the best of both world’s, the new Conwin 60/40 Helium/Air Inflator which blends both 60% Helium with 40% Air in just the right mixture to inflate 11″ and larger Latex Balloons for ultimate floating time at half the price!

The Conwin 60/40 Helium/Air Balloon Inflator can also inflate Balloons with 100% Helium, simply by covering the air fill opening with your finger during inflation. Great for Party Planners, Retailers, Party Shops, Supermarkets, Event Planners & More!

Conwin Air Pro Inflator | Electric Balloon Pump | BalloonsAndWeights.com

Conwin Air Pro Electric Powered Inflator

Entry Level Electric Powered Air Balloon Inflator: Air Pro Inflator

Our full range of both portable, basic inflators like the Conwin Air Pro cool air balloon inflator is a powerful yet simple solution for fast balloon inflation and decoration with Air.

“Lightweight, portable and really easy to operate…just plugs in the wall and inflates all sizes of Latex Balloons.”

Simply plug the Conwin Air Pro into any electrical wall outlet, push down on the quick-fill nozzle and inflate Latex and Foil Balloons with Air in just seconds!

Air Force 4 Inflator Inflating 4 Balloons at Once BalloonsAndWeights.com

Air Force 4 Electric Powered Inflator

Inflator Multiple Balloons with Air at Once: Air Force 4 Inflator

Upgrade to our Conwin Air Force 4 Balloon Inflator for a mid-level, professional grade, powerful Air inflation system that’s easily capable of inflating hundreds of balloons in minutes.

Fast, Portable, Affordable and manufactured with quality craftsmanship, the Conwin Air Force 4 is a must have, go-to balloon inflating solution for Events, Schools and Balloon Professionals worldwide. Plugs into any electrical wall outlet and ready in seconds. Works great for Balloon Decorations, Special Events, Schools & Retailers.

Conwin Precision Air Inflator | Conwin Balloon Inflator | BalloonsAndWeights.com

Precision Air Inflator

The Professional Decorator’s Choice: Precision Air Inflator

For CBA (Certified Balloon Artists), Balloon Decorators, Event Planners, Party Retailers and Businesses seeking the most professional and digitally enhanced balloon inflation equipment, we offer the Conwin Precision Air Balloon Inflator that can handle even the biggest balloon decorating jobs with ease.

“I couldn’t run my balloon decorating business without this machine – you preset the setting to the exact size balloon you want, it its done – simply marvelous”l


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