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DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial

DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial

To add a splash of color and a fun, festive pop of pizazz to your home, this DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial teaches you how to quickly and easily create a Balloon Wreath that can be displayed year-round or for special occasions (like birthdays, holidays, and parties).

How to create a balloon wreath

DIY Balloon Wreath Supplies:

1. To create a DIY Balloon Wreath, you will need approximately 1200 5″ Latex Balloons. Select either an assortment of colors (pastels, bright colors, etc.), or choose balloons in individual colors; whichever looks best with your existing home decor or to tie-in with your party theme. The Balloon Wreath shown here includes a trio of primary colors (Red BalloonsYellow Balloons, and Blue Balloons). This DIY Balloon Wreath used 9 bags (144 pc/bag) of 5″ Latex Balloons.

2. 2 Bags of clear Rubber Bands are needed to create small balloon clusters. Use small rubber bands preferably, as they are easier to work with. 

Balloon Wreath Supplies

3. 1 Wreath Hook is needed to hang the Balloon Wreath on your door.

4. 100 Greening Pins are required to attach the Balloon Clusters to the Wreath.

5. Styrofoam Wreath Form (a 14″ form was used in this example DIY Balloon Wreath) acts as the base of your Balloon Wreath.

Balloon Wreath Foam

DIY Balloon Wreath Instructions:

1. Make a small cluster of 12 balloons by securely wrapping a rubber band around the cluster, placed in between the neck of the balloon and top of the balloon. Keep doing this process until all the balloons are used.

2. To attach the balloon cluster to the wreath form, use a greening pin to pin the balloon cluster to the front of the wreath.

Balloon Wreath Cluster Knot

3. Continue pinning the balloon clusters to the wreath (beginning with the top of the wreath surface), going in a clockwise direction. Then fill-in along the outer and inner rims of the wreath form, making sure that the white wreath form can no longer be seen.

4. When all the balloon clusters have been pinned to the balloon wreath, add the wreath hook to the back by pushing the prongs into the Styrofoam balloon wreath form. That’s it! 

Balloon Wreath Cluster Knot Finished

To create a DIY Balloon Wreath, expect the project to take approximately 1-2 hours. For under $30, you can easily make a beautiful DIY Balloon Wreath that your guests will be raving about.

DIY Balloon Wreath

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