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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)


Q: I’m an Individual. Do you sell to the Public? A: Yes!

Q: Do you sell to Businesses? A: Yes! We offer Businesses and Re-Sellers great discounts via our Buy More, Save More Discount Program, in addition to Free Shipping on orders over $99 to the 48 United States (Alaska/Hawaii excluded). 

Q: Do you sell to Schools & Churches? A. Yes! Schools and Churches are eligible to order online from us. 

Q. I’ve got to buy a lot of Latex Balloons (more than 5,000 pcs), do you offer discounted wholesale pricing? A. Yes! We offer bulk packs of 10 bags of one color of latex balloons and also full cases, typically 25-50 bags of one color of balloon for larger wholesale customers. If you have a very large order and are in need of assistance, please contact us to discuss further. 

Q. About how long does it take to receive my order? A. Orders of items IN STOCK are usually shipped next business day from date of order. If something is backordered or out of stock, we’ll let you know ASAP. Custom Printed Orders (eg: Custom Printed Balloons, Beach Balls, Novelty Items) typically take 5 business days (Monday – Friday) to complete. If we can produce it faster, we will. Ask us what our current production lead time is anytime, and we’ll let you know. Conwin Equipment: Need something by a certain date? Please email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If we can’t meet your date, we’ll let you know before we process your order.

Q.  I need expedited shipping. Is that available? A. Email Us, we’ll see what options may be available.

Q. How do I track my order? A. After every order we automatically email you tracking information so that you can track the shipment's progress to your door. If you did not receive tracking info, please email or call us and we will locate it for you.

Q. Does my order ship in multiple boxes? A. Possibly. If the items are shipped from different locations or some items require time for assembly / production, then yes, some items may arrive in different cartons. We’ll email you all the UPS/USPS Tracking numbers so you’ll always know what package will arrive when.

Q. I want to ship something overseas, can you do that? A. Yes. We can arrange shipping to most countries. Please email us for the best UPS freight quote and delivery time options.

Q: I got shipped the wrong item, will you accept the return? A. Yes. If we inadvertently shipped you the wrong item, that’s our oops, and we’ll make good on it quickly and get you the right one. Read our Return Policy for details. 

Q. I ordered the wrong item by mistake, just received it but haven’t used it, can I return it? A. Read our Return Policy for easy return details.

Q. I want to order Custom Printed items (Balloons, Beach Balls, etc.), but don’t have hi-resolution artwork, will you still accept my low resolution art? A. Maybe. Our art team can re-create your artwork from scratch most times for a one time fee of $40 per art file, and convert it into high resolution art. Hi Resolution art (Vector Art) will not get pixelated or distorted when printed onto items, whereas low resolution art will get bumpy and pixelated when stretched, thus producing a poor looking print. We want you to be proud of your custom printed items, so we’re here to help you.

Q. I need to order a 2, 3 or 4 Color Imprinted Balloon and need a price quote. A. Email us for the best price quote for the quantity you’re seeking!

Q. What size Balloon Weight do I need to hold down my balloon(s)? A. Please refer to our online Balloon Weight section for a chart of what size weight holds what balloon. 

Q. Where do I rent a Helium Tank locally? A. Contact your local welding or gas supplier in your town. Simply google search “Helium Supplier in Your City”. If you need a referral, we may be able to assist you.

Q. How much Helium will I need to fill my balloons? A. Just ask your local Helium supplier. If you need a more detailed answer, contact us and we can assist you.

Q. Can I fill Latex Balloons with Air instead of Helium? A. Yes! You can fill latex balloons up with air in lieu of Helium, they will not float, but will be a cost effective alternative to Helium filled balloons. You can attach the air filled latex balloons to these Balloon Cup & Stick holders to provide a convenient sealer and holder in one unit.

Q. What’s the right size Balloon for my purposes? A. It depends. Below is a list of popular sizes and their uses:

  • 2" & 3" Latex Balloons: Great as water-filled balloons for outdoor use.
  • 5" Latex Balloons: Great as air filled balloons (will not float) for Balloon Decor, Centerpieces, Arches & Columns. Also popular as Dart Games at Carnivals.
  • 9" Latex Balloons: Great for everyday Birthdays, Parties, Indoor Events & Celebrations. Popular with Party Stores, Retailers, Restaurants and Promotions.
  • 12" Latex Balloons: Great for Decorations, Graduations, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Indoor / Outdoor Decor, Promotions, Restaurants, Retailers, Grocery Stores, Florists & Party Stores.
  • 14" & 16" Latex Balloons: Great for Outdoor Parties, Decorations, Special Events & Decor. 16″ is a very popular size for Car Dealerships.
  • 36" Latex Balloons: Great for Indoor & Outdoor Decorations, Specialty Balloon Decor, Insider Balloon Stuffing Decorations (balloons inside of other balloons) and Outdoor Promotions.
  • 18" Round, Heart & Star Foils & 22" Squares: Great for Birthdays, Retailers, Special Events, Celebrations, Graduations, Holiday Parties, Promotions & Indoor / Outdoor Display.
  • 15″ 3-D Balloons (Cubez, Diamondz, Orbz) Great for creating a unique eye-appealing look, for Special Events, Promotions and Indoor / Outdoor display.

Q. Habla Espanol? A. Si! Hablamos Español – contactanos aqui por email, y podemos ayudar.