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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Foil Balloon Decorations

Foil Balloon Decorations

Foil Balloons are fun, decorative & make the party!

Looking for a great birthday or party decorating solution? Then you better add Foil Balloons to the mix! Foil Balloons come in a huge range of colors, shapes and prints. Can you think of a better way to take a standard room and go from ordinary decorations to extraordinary? We can’t!

So, where do you get started with Balloons? It’s E-Z! Follow these tips and you’ll be an Event Planner or Balloon Decorator in no time.

Foil Balloons - Party Balloons - Wholesale Balloons - Balloon Weights - Balloon Accessories - has it all!

Step 1: Pick a Balloon Shape

Balloons come in a huge range of shapes. Find Star Foil Balloons, Heart Foil Balloons, Round Circle Foil Balloons and even Square Foil Balloons. Browse Foil Balloons

Step 2: Pick a Balloon Color

Got a theme for your party or event? Get the most out of your decor with color matching balloons! Be sure to add just the amount of balloons to give the party or event that fun, festive feeling without feeling totally overloaded with balloons. We recommend adding Foil Balloons to the Centerpieces of Tables, Attaching a few at the Entrance of the Party in Clusters, and even giving some away to attendees as party favors!

Step 3: Accessorize your Balloons!

This is the fun part. Browse our huge range of 3-D, colorful designer Balloon Weights. We have all shapes and sizes from Round Smiley Faces to Teddy Bears to Happy Butterfly Weights! Decorations are endless!

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