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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Rose Gold Balloons

Rose Gold Balloons

Rose Gold Balloons are perfect for adding color to any party, event or birthday! These beautifully colored metallic balloons are also great for creating beautiful eye catching balloon garlands and balloon bouquets. Additionally, these balloons are perfect for creating dazzling balloon columns, centerpieces and balloon installations.

What’s special about our Celebrity Latex Balloons is that you can fill them with Helium as they are Helium-Grade, but you can also inflate the balloons with Air using either a Hand Pump Inflator or an Electric Powered Balloon Inflator like the Conwin Air Force 2 or Conwin Air Force 4 Inflator that can fill either two to four balloons to the same size each and every time.

Our wide selection of Rose-Gold Balloons includes both foil and latex balloons in a range of decorative shapes, sizes and patterns.

perfect for Balloon Clusters, Garlands, and Arches. Available in either a 100 PCS or 144 PCS pack, choose the size that’s right for you! With our new Buy More Save More Wholesale Balloon Program, Re-Sellers, Professional Balloon Decorators and Retailers can take advantage of even deeper discounts on Rose Gold Balloons of up to 40% off by the bag prices by buying wholesale balloons by the mini case or full case.

12″ Rose Gold Latex Balloons — 100 Balloon Pack

12″ Rose Gold Latex Balloons — 144 Balloon Pack

Rose Gold Foil Balloons

15739-36 - 36 Inch Jumbo Scripted Love Foil Balloon Rose Gold

If you’re looking for the right mix of Rose Gold Foil Balloons, Balloons and Weights has a great assortment of Metallic Rose Gold Jumbo 34″ Number and Letter Foil Balloons – perfect for writing out any phrase, expression or slogan at a party.

18″ Round Rose Gold Foil Balloons 

Rose Gold Balloon Weights

Glamour Shot - Rose Gold Bubble Weights and Cube Weights

There’s nothing worse than inflating beautiful balloons just to have them escape from your party. So, we suggest adding the right balloon weight to securely tether your inflated balloons. We love the 35-gram Bubble Weight and 65-gram Cube Weight in Metallic Rose Gold, as it both tethers balloons and also is a perfect colorful match to your rose colored balloons!

35 gram Bubble Weights - Metallic Rose Gold

35-gram Bubble Weight – Metallic Rose Gold

65 gram Cube Weights - Metallic Rose Gold - Side View -

65-gram Cube Weight – Metallic Rose Gold

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