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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)

Balloon Accessories

Our most popular Balloon Accessories, and why we love them.

Get ready to accessorize every balloon! Find balloon valves, latex balloon tying discs, balloon ties, balloon cups and sticks for air filled balloons, and more balloon accessories for all your event decorating needs.

Balloon Accessories:

We understand that the buying process for Balloon Accessories can be a bit overwhelming if you're new to the Balloon Decorating or Party industry, so we've tried to simplify it for even the newest balloon artist out there below! Here's some of our favorite, top-selling Balloon Accessories for both Latex Balloons and Foil Balloons, and specifically why we and our customers love them. 

Our line of balloon accessories are great for birthday parties, theme parties, special events, grand openings, trade shows, realtors, fast food chains, marketing activities and more.

Balloon Accessories for Latex Balloons:

If you're looking to inflate latex balloons with Helium, then you'll quickly realize that tying hundreds of balloons can become time consuming, and frankly a bit tiring. Here's some of our favorite Balloon Accessories for Latex Balloons that will save you time, and in many cases money, in quickly tying off balloons. You can order these great balloon innovations by the bag or by the case depending on your needs. 

E-Z Balloon Tie™ with Ribbon:

Let's face it, hand tying latex balloons can be time consuming, and then having to find ribbon, cut it, attach it to the balloon, all takes up more time than you might have, especially if you're busy running a business, restaurant, real estate office or even just decorating for a party of special event. Enter the E-Z Balloon Tie™ with Ribbon. These lightweight, innovative helium balloon ties quickly seal off latex balloons and feature 5 feet of coiled white satin ribbon. No more need to cut and attach ribbon, simply inflate any 9", 10", 11" or 12" latex balloon, attach to the E-Z Balloon Tie™, and pull down on the included (attached) ribbon. Spend less time hand-tying balloons, and more time enjoying the party! Available in convenient bags of 250 pcs or by the case in bulk. 

E-Z Balloon Disc™:

If you're a balloon decorator, event planner, or even a busy mom or dad inflating dozens of latex balloons for an event, you'll be pleased when you use the E-Z Balloon Disc™. Each comes with 4 specially crafted slots that enable you to attach and tie off most size latex balloons. The other 2 slots can either be used to attach ribbon or string, or even attach multiple latex balloons together to create decorative duplets of balloons. Lightweight, easy to use, and affordable, the E-Z Balloon Disc™ is a fast and convenient solution for easy balloon distribution and decoration. 

"Big Barrel" E-Z Safety Seal™ Helium Balloon Valve:

Sealing a latex balloon off once you've filled it up with Helium requires a little work. Trying to inflate, seal and string hundreds or thousands of helium filled latex balloons requires a whole lot more effort than it should. For busy retailers, businesses inflating balloons for promotions, or even individuals, the E-Z Safety Seal™ Valve is the fastest, safest and easiest way to securely seal off a 9", 10", 11" or even a 12" Latex Balloon with Helium without any hand-tying whatsoever! Say it ain't so - imagine never having to hand-tie another balloon again! Oh, the joys of technology. The E-Z Safety Seal™ Valve is a complete time saver, and money saver for that matter, as it's patented design includes 4' of white satin ribbon that easily pulls down, eliminating any need to cut and attach ribbon to every single balloon you inflate. You can order these by the bag (250 pc) or by the case in bulk. You can also order these pre-inserted into the balloons as a finished valved latex balloon. Want your logo imprinted? We can do that too! Great for fast moving decorating, busy businesses, and perfect for hand-outs and promotional giveaways and events. 

E-Z Balloon Cup™ & E-Z Balloon Stick™:

If you're considering Air filling your latex or foil balloons, then you'll quickly realize the cost savings of using air in lieu of inflating with a helium tank. Additionally, you'll need something to seal off the balloons to ensure that the air inside does not come out. The E-Z Balloon Cup™ and E-Z Balloon Stick™ is a great product that does just that - it quickly seals off air filled latex or foil balloons, and provides a convenient balloon holder that is perfect for hand-outs and balloon decorations at parties, events, and businesses. A great match for Custom Printed Balloons too - the cup and stick product is specifically designed as a "set", and works as a great balloon accessory solution for any size party, event or retail need. Ideal for 9" and 14" Foil Balloons and 9", 10", 11", 12" and even 14" Latex Balloons. Available by the bag, or by the mini case in bulk for added savings. Choose from white (which matches any balloon color), or any of the festive color assortments. 


If you would like any other product recommendations, we suggest you send us an email or give us a call, and a Balloon Expert will get back to you with our ideas to fit your needs.

Find all top models of Balloon Accessories for all of your latex and foil balloon decorating needs. 

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