12" Latex Balloons

Celebrate with colorful 12″ Latex Balloons! Top Quality, Helium-Grade Latex Balloons designed for maximum floating time at every event and party. These 12 Inch Latex Balloons are perfect for Birthdays, Events, Celebrations and more.

  • 12″ Latex Balloons are Celebrity Brand – Top-Quality Latex Balloons
  • Packaged in Retail-Ready Bags with UPC and Hang-Hole Included
  • We 100% Guarantee the Quality of our Latex Balloons! That means no costly breakage upon inflation.
  • Great for Balloon & Party Decorating (Balloon Bouquets, Columns, Arches, Balloon Art, Parties)
  • Buy by the Bag, by the 10 Bag Mini Box, or Wholesale Carton (25 bags) (below) for a deeper discount!

Wholesale 12 Inch Latex Balloons Balloons and Weights

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