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Are Balloons Biodegradable or Recyclable?

Are Balloons Biodegradable or Recyclable?

Balloons are a popular party supply and can be seen at most events. But what happens to balloons after the party is over? Are they biodegradable or recyclable? And what are the best ways to practice responsibility for using balloons. Read this blog post to find out answers to these common questions.

Are Balloons Biodegradable or Recyclable?

What types of balloons are biodegradable?

Some types of balloons, like latex balloons, are biodegradable. These will take several weeks to break down in the environment.

How to biodegrade latex balloons?

One option for breaking down latex balloons is through soil bacteria and fungi. Simply place your deflated balloon into some dirt so that it is in direct contact with the ground. This will help to naturally biodegrade the latex balloons.

Are latex balloons recyclable?

When it comes to recycling latex balloons, it is always a good idea to contact your local recycling center. They will be able to help you determine the best way to recycle latex balloons in your area.

What happens if helium balloons are released into the air?

When it comes to releasing helium balloons into the atmosphere, this can cause problems for the environment. This is because, if balloons get released into the air, they often float for several miles, and then end up in natural environments (like oceans and lakes). This can become a problem for wildlife since they can inadvertently try to eat the deflated balloon, which can a cause choking hazard.

For this reason, in many places, helium balloon releases have been banned.

This is just one of the reasons why we always recommend using balloon weights to properly tether helium-filled balloons, and then disposing of the deflated balloons after usage. Not to mention - helium balloons that are released into the air end up becoming litter, which is something no one wants to see.

In order for us all to continue to enjoy balloons, we all must do our part to be mindful about how we use and dispose of the balloons after the party ends. We encourage you to follow smart balloon practices. To learn more, visit The Balloon Council to find out how you can use balloons wisely


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