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The A-to-Z Guide on Using Helium-Filled Foil Mylar Balloons

The A-to-Z Guide on Using Helium-Filled Foil Mylar Balloons

Foil mylar balloons are an increasingly popular way to add a pop of color to your event. Foil balloons can be used in weddings, parties, graduations, and more! But you might be wondering how are foil mylar balloons made and if there are any recommendations on how to properly use them for decorations?

In this article, we'll discuss how foil balloons are made, why it's important to use balloon weights to tether foil balloons, and other safety tips to remember.

The A-to-Z Guide on Using Helium-Filled Foil Mylar Balloons

How are foil balloons made?

1) Foil Mylar Balloon manufacturing starts with large sheets of mylar film. The sheets are then cut into smaller squares or rectangles (depending on the size of the balloon desired).

2) A thin layer of aluminum foil is applied to each square or rectangle using heat sealing techniques. At this point in the process, some companies may also apply a printed design if desired.

3) Next, the mylar sheet is folded over to create a closed envelope. Foil balloons are usually open at the top, and so it's important that the edges of the foil sheets overlap by about two inches or more when they're sealed together.

Oftentimes, foil mylar balloons have a ribbon attached to them, to make it easier for the party host. They also have an internal self-sealing mechanism built into the mylar balloon, so that it automatically seals the helium inside the balloon.

Why is it important to tether a foil balloon with a balloon weight?

Aside from being required by law in the state of California (and many other locations), tethering a helium-filled foil balloon with a proper balloon weight is not only in keeping with the law, but it's also a smarter and more eco-friendly way of handling balloons. This is because the balloon weight prevents the helium-filled foil balloon from floating away (which can cause power outages if it gets caught in an electrical line or can pollute the environment).

No matter where you live, we always recommend using balloon weights to hold down your helium-filled foil mylar balloons. We carry a wide range of balloon weight sizes (from 8 gram to 100 gram), to accommodate all types of foil balloons, from 18" foils up to jumbo-shaped foil balloons.

Are there other safety precautions to know about foil balloons?

Yes! Because mylar can conduct electricity, always keep foil balloons away from electrical wires and heat lamps.

What are the best practices for using foil balloons?

  • Don't use foil balloons outdoors in windy conditions.
  • Use a balloon weight to keep foil mylar balloons tethered down.
  • Never release your helium-filled foil balloon within 100 feet of electrical wires, fences, and other objects that can conduct electricity (and always avoid releasing it near trees!).
  • Foil balloons should never be placed in extreme heat as they are more likely to burst. Plus, foil balloons may appear to shrivel if they're put in a cold atmosphere after being inflated in a warmer setting (like indoors).
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