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The Party Pro's Guide on How to Become a Balloon Decorator

The Party Pro's Guide on How to Become a Balloon Decorator

Many people are looking for a fun and creative business or side hustle, but don't know where to start. If you're one of these people, then balloon decorating may be the perfect idea for you! Balloon decoration is a profession that's in demand at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals—even on TV! Whether you want to become a full-time independent balloon decorator or just create a part-time business that helps you make extra money, this post will explain everything about how to go from zero experience to making balloons like a pro.

The Party Pro's Guide on How to Become a Balloon Decorator

What is a balloon decorator?

A balloon decorator is a person who designs and creates balloons for a variety of events. In some cases, they work with other party planners to make sure that all aspects of an event are coordinated. They're also responsible for ensuring that there's enough helium or supplies on hand!

What types of installations do balloon decorators do?

Balloon decorators and balloon artists can create a number of installations or decorations for an event. They use balloons to put together balloon columns, sculptures, balloon garlands, balloon bouquets, and more!

What skills does it take to be a balloon decorator?

To start with, if you love being creative and using your imagination, you're well on your way to becoming a balloon decorator.

In addition to having the artistic talent necessary for designing fun projects with balloons, you'll need general knowledge about how much helium is needed depending on how many balloons (and what sized balloons) you plan to use.

A good place to start is by using our free Helium Balloon Chart. This handy tool will help you figure out how much helium you need to inflate different balloons. Plus, it helps you estimate the budget you'll need to rent a helium tank.

It's also helpful to know what type of balloon inflation equipment and supplies (such as balloon curling ribbon, balloon weights, and sealing accessories) you will need for any balloon installation. We carry a wide variety of pro-quality inflators, balloon accessories, and supplies.

We also recommend having samples of different colored balloons to show clients, so they can decide exactly which colors they want. Oftentimes, party hosts or event planners will have a specific color theme in mind - so it's helpful to show them a variety of options, so you can order exactly what you need. You can get free balloon samples from us, so you can see and experience the quality of our balloons before using them for a job. Our free balloon samples come in a variety of colors, from metallic and pearlized to pastel and decorator colors.

A pro balloon decorator will make sure to order all the balloons and supplies well in advance of the event, to ensure they have everything they need beforehand.

How much do balloon decorators typically charge clients?

A standard balloon installation will cost between $100 and $150 per hour. If you need to provide balloons, that will usually be an extra charge on top of the hourly rate. Additionally, for some special events or large installations balloon decorators may require a deposit before they begin work - which is typically refunded after the event has concluded.

Can balloon decorators earn a good living?

The more experience and client testimonials that a balloon decorator can get, the more they can charge for their work. There are some balloon decorators who charge thousands of dollars, especially if they're working on large-scale installations (for special events or brands) or even for celebrity parties.

While the cost to become a balloon decorator is very low (since you only need inflation equipment, balloons, and balloon supplies), the truth is - you can earn a great living by becoming a balloon decorator, even on a part-time basis. That's what makes it an especially great home-based business or side hustle.

Why is becoming a balloon decorator a good idea?

Balloon decorators are becoming even more popular to hire lately since many people love having beautiful balloon decorations at their celebrations. So, there's never been a better time to become a balloon decorator than now!

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