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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Choosing the Right Balloon Inflator

Choosing the Right Balloon Inflator

Looking for the right Helium or Air Balloon Inflator, Digital Sizer, Supplies?

Choosing the right balloon inflatorWe get asked this question just about every day, “so, I have a few questions about what inflator is right for our needs, can you help me figure this out?”. We always are happy to help guide you, but in order to save you about 15-20 minutes explaining all of the various models that we sell and their features, we thought this quick starter guide might be helpful.

Note: If you still are confused after reading this, and need help, we suggest you email us with details of your needs and requirements for your events, and we will be happy to recommend the right models for you.

Step 1: Air or Helium?

This is almost as poetic as Shakespeare’s “To Be or Not to Be?”. Just kidding. But you will need to ask yourself if you will be needing a machine that just inflates balloons with Air, or one that just does Helium, or one that can do both? Basically, ask yourself, will we ever have a need to do both? This is a critical first step that will help us guide you.

Step 2: Do you want the Machine to Digitally Size Balloons for you?

Conwin Precision Air Balloon Inflator V6 Version 6 Balloons and Weights

A digital sizer is an air inflator for balloons that has a computer inside that digitally sizes the balloons to the exact size, every time, for you. Pretty cool right? It comes with a manual with a guide book that tells you the exact number of seconds to set the machine to, to accurately inflate the latex or foil balloons to that size every time.

We only sell 1 model Digital Sizing Air Inflator that has a built-in Air Compressor (this is the actual motor the fills the balloons with Air), and that model is the Conwin Precision Air Inflator. This is a very popular machine, used by thousands of Balloon Artists and Decorators, but it will ONLY inflate balloons with Air (not Helium).

Conwin Air Force 4 Inflator

If you do not want a digital sizer, as they do cost more because of the awesome technology installed, you can go with an electric air balloon inflator that automatically inflates balloons still, but you would have to visually gauge when to stop inflating and turn the machine off. Models such as the Air Pro Inflator (inflates 1 balloon with Air) or Air Force 4 Inflator (inflates 4 balloons at same time with Air) are your best choices.

Step 3: Helium and Air Inflator (I want an all in one)

So you want to have your cake, and eat it too. We do too. We offer a few machines that will inflate balloons with Helium or Air (one at a time depending on if you have the unit hooked up to a Helium Tank or an Air Compressor). The Conwin Duplicator 2 is a powerful digital sizer, that will inflate Latex and Foil Balloons with Air or Helium. Again, you need to buy a separate Air Compressor in order to inflate the balloons with Air, or attach to a rented Helium Tank to inflate balloons with Helium. IMPORTANT TIP: The Duplicator 2, despite its name, does not fill 2 balloons at the same time to the same size. It will inflate one balloon at a time to the same size, then you can inflate another balloon after that on the same nozzle tip to the same size, over again. The Duplicator 2 does feature a dedicated nozzle tip just for Latex Balloons, and one on the other size just for Foil Mylar Balloons (This side has a built in regulator that ensures the proper amount of gas being inflated into the balloon to not over inflate and pop it – this is an important feature).


If you are looking for a machine that is a Digital Sizer, and will inflate 2 balloons at the same time to the exact size, and you want to be able to attach the unit to a Air Compressor or a Helium Tank, the Conwin Dual Split Second Sizer is the right machine for the job. This workhorse is a trusted favorite among professional balloon artists, decorators, event planners and more, for the obvious reasons – it can do it all. Remember again, Air Compressor sold separately and can be picked up at a hardware store locally near you.

Step 4: So what kind of Air Compressor do I buy to attach to my Digital Sizing Balloon Inflator?

Just check out this list that features the Instruction Sheets for each model mentioned here. The PSI rating is the guide for you to find the right power of Air Compressor to attach to your new Digital Balloon Sizer.

Step 5: I want to create fancy Balloon Arches, Columns, and Double Stuffed Balloons…what Accessories do I need?

Each Inflator or Digital Sizer that we sell lists descriptions on what they are great for, and how professionals and amateur balloon decorators enjoy using the product. Just check out this page that features all of the Balloon Inflation Equipment and click on any individual product image to read more.

Balloon Archline for Balloon Decorators

For Balloon Garlands, Balloon Archline is a great choice for creating garlands from corners of ceilings.
For Double Stuffed Balloons (little 5″ balloons inside of a larger 36″ latex balloon), we recommend the Balloon Stuffing Tool Kits. Find the right one below that works with the Balloon Inflator that you currently are using or intend to buy.

Conwin Insider Balloon | Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool Kit for Air Force 4 | Balloons And Weights

The Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool Kit for Air Force 4 and Precision Air

The Conwin Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool Kit for Dual Sizer & Duplicator 2

Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool with 10ft. Extension Hose Inflator

*photo credit: conwin carbonics

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