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Valentine’s Day Balloons – Our Top Picks

Valentine’s Day Balloons – Our Top Picks

Amor Amor – Are you ready for the Big Valentine’s Day?

In just a couple of weeks, millions of people around the world will be celebrating that special day, we all know as Valentine’s Day. Thoughts of luxurious dinners with that special someone, chocolates, roses and champagne, oh my! But, there’s one gift that keeps on giving, even after the chocolates have been savored, the roses have withered, and the champagne bottle has been recycled. Valentine’s Day Foil Valentine's Day BalloonsBalloons typically float, on just one fill up of Helium, for 1-2 weeks! Imagine that – there your sweetheart is, a full week after February 14th, and she still comes home to that special Valentine’s Balloon still flying high that says, “I Love You!”.  #Swoon

So this year, Balloons and Weights set out to create a must have Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, so that you can share in the love. Below are some of our favs that we think all Balloon Shops, Florists, Gift Shops and more should have a look at. Click the link on any item below, to read more details on the item.

Red Heart Shaped Foil Balloons

This should be a no brainer. What else says Valentine’s Day like Red Heart Shaped Balloons?

These 18″ Red Heart Shaped Foil Balloons come in a package of 50 pcs (flat in the box), and feature a great self-sealing valve that automatically seals in the Helium as you inflate. There’s no hand tying which is a bonus.

Valentine’s Day Balloons

Check out these pre printed Valentine’s Day Balloons! These pre printed, double sided balloons are the ultimate way to express your true love for that special someone for Valentine’s Day!

Choose from fun, popular designs like “I Love You”, “Be Mine”, “Te Amo”, “Te Quiero”, “You’re My Everything”, “Hugs and Kisses” and many more.

Sold in packages of 100 pcs (flat – uninflated), these are perfect for Retailers, Event Planners, Decorators, Gift Shops and more!

Check out more fun Valentine’s Day Balloons here!

Heart Shaped Balloon Weights

There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful balloon bouquet, only to look down and see a mismatched balloon weight that makes no sense for the special day or event. We recommend these fun, colorful heart shaped balloon weights. Each weight weighs 8 grams, and holds either an 11″ Latex Balloon or an 18″ Foil Balloon like the one shown above. Need something heavier for a bigger cluster of Balloons? Try this 100-gram Heavy Balloon Weight in a Red Heart Shape to do the job!

So there you have it, Valentine’s can be so much more than ephemeral, short-lived Chocolates and Champagne…even though we do like those things! Have some fun this year, and mix up your Valentine’s Day with these great looking Valentine’s Day Balloons. We’re confident you will win over more hearts.

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