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Get Free U.S. Shipping orders $99+ to 48 United States! (AK/HI excl)
Choosing the Right Balloon Size

Choosing the Right Balloon Size

We get asked all the time, “What’s the right balloon size for my party or event?”

Well, the answer varies from event to event, so we thought we’d shed some light on this for other folks out there looking for some tips on choosing the right balloons to make your up-coming party a big hit!

Latex Balloons

5″ Latex Balloons are a great fit for creating small centerpieces on top of tables, or as a piece on a balloon column. They can ONLY be filled with Air (or Nitrogen) as 5″ Latex Balloon do not float with Helium. So, what does that mean? It means, if you intend for your event to have beautiful balloons up in the air floating around high above everyone’s heads, the 5″ size Latex Balloon is not for you.

So what is for me, if I want balloons flying overhead? We recommend either a 9″, 10″, or 12″ Size Latex Balloon. The 9″ is the minimum size that will float when filled with Helium. You can pick up single color balloons to match your overall party theme, or can buy an assorted mixture like the beautiful Decorator, Pastel, Metallic or Pearlized Colors.

If you’re looking to really WOW people, the JUMBO 36″ (yes…that’s 3 feet!) Latex Balloons are a huge hit at parties. You can fill them with Air or Helium, obviously Helium-Filled Balloons will float in the air, and Air filled balloons will not. You can attach them to tables as a main focal point at a Wedding, Graduation, Cocktail Party, Birthday Party, Corporate Party, you name it, and can attached the right size Balloon Weight to hold them down. I recommend the 100-gram Heavy Weights. They should do the trick for 1, maybe 2 36″ latex balloons.

So, hopefully this helps you get a good start on your balloon choices. If you have any questions, just contact our Customer Service Team for further recommendations.

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